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  • Sydney, Australia

Lead Beyond Education (LBE) is a charitable organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). It is dedicated to providing life-changing opportunities through education, human rights advocacy and leadership capacity development to women and girls from underrepresented groups in Australia and refugee camps. We work with women from refugee backgrounds to bring about positive change in their lives.

To create equitable opportunities and break down economic and educational barriers to generate pathways for stability and empowerment through its leadership and capacity-building programs.

To work collaboratively with individuals and organisations to break down economic and educational barriers for young women from underrepresented groups in Australia with a diverse African background and, by extension, support refugee women and girls in Refugee Camps in Kenya and Uganda.

Born and raised in Kakuma refugee camp for her first ten years, Anyier never received full educational or economic opportunities until she moved to Australia in 2003.  Having experienced both extreme poverty and the abundance that Australia offers, Anyier believes that economic empowerment and free, high-quality education should be a right for everyone.

In 2017, Anyier returned to Kakuma where she learned that the lack of enrolment for girls in schools was due to issues such as child labour and early forced marriages in the camp. These factors impacted young women and girls by creating vulnerability and insecurity and forcing them to make survival decisions. That experience and her work in Australia led her to establish Lead Beyond Education – to empower and create capacity-building programs for vulnerable young women.